A Buyers Guide to Designer Radiators

Gone are the days when we had to hide our white steel boxes behind curtains, cupboards and covers as they were ugly and less appealing to the visitors. Our evenings have now gotten better as the designers have come up with more good looking and efficient designer radiators that even add more glamour to your room as they have even been turned into modern pieces of art. When you are looking for a radiator you do not have to ask your plumber as they have been made easier to find. You only need to know the different types of radiators, the cons and the pros and you are good to go.

The designer radiators exist in two types

  • Plumbed radiator: these radiators are used as part of a system in the plumbed hot water systems which usually use a boiler that heats hot water and then it is circulated around the home via a connection of pipes.
  • Electric radiators: these are not centrally controlled but instead are usually controlled in each room. They are easy to use, install and convenient for huge places as they only require a main electricity supply.

You also have to consider where to hang your radiator before purchasing it .This usually depends on the size of radiator that you wish to buy and the style that fits your room.

If the wall is a masonry or brick work you will be able to have a variety of radiator choices that you can select from. This is because if the radiator is fixed in the right way even larger radiators will be able to be hung on the solid strong walls.

If the wall is of plaster board material with a hollow space either behind a stud work wall or a drywall you will have to know to be aware of where the studs run. This usually limits the radiator to its size and shape depending on how the strength of the studs.

There is also the question whether you will need radiator valves when purchasing a Radiator. This usually depends on the type of radiator that you prefer. For plumbed radiators you will need to buy the radiator valves separately. As for the electric radiators you won’t need them.

To sum up when you looking to purchase a designer radiator please go through the above points before you check the price and the durability and for more information on home furniture please visit www.fcilondon.co.uk

Are you Visiting the London Borough of Lewisham?

This post is brought to you by lewisham islamic centre website design.

Are you Visiting the London Borough of Lewisham?

If you live in the borough, are new to the area or are coming to visit family or friends you may be wondering what activities you can participate in that would suit the whole family.

There is plenty of things to keep you occupied as it a multicultural borough which caters for all tastes.

So what can you do?

If shopping is your thing, then you could visit the Lewisham shopping centre with over 70 shops to choose from with plenty of places to eat and drink also.

There are lots of open spaces and parks where you could take the children to run about, be free and maybe buy an ice cream. Greenwich park is very popular with tourists and you also have Lewisham park as well.

There are places of worship also and Lewisham is home of the Lewisham Islamic Centre. You can check out their YouTube channel by clicking the following link or website for prayer times.

You could visit the Cutty Sark in historic Greenwich where there is also the National Maritime Museum and Greenwich Market.

If you like nature and gardens then it would be worth paying a visit to Manor House Gardens with its fountain, lake and ball courts.

With easy access around London via the Railway Station and the Docklands Light Railway you are only a short journey to literally anywhere around London, so it is the ideal place to live if you want easy access.